Howling Bigots For The Republican’t Party.

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Oo-whee, that’s some puh-roud southern-fried-racism, we’ve been seein’ lately! That’s the republican party now, isn’t it?   Sorry, that’s the republican’t party.  The changing ethnic makeup of America from lily white to everything but, has got the bigoted powers that “were”, losing their little minds!

Most caucasian-americans have no idea what the term, “white privilege” means, let alone that they have benefited inestimably from it for their entire lives.  We “enlightened” white folk; i.e. culturally sensitives, sometimes seem as rare as republican’ts at a Michael Moore film.  These howlers are just speaking in their “traditional”, southern-racist style.  I mean, how can there possibly be a race war without the republican’ts whuppin’ up the poor whites in the south?  That’s the time honored, racist tradition.

Of course, race-baiters like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and their whole, “world domination”, clique, are desirous of any war.  A race war would certainly be the most expedient, considering the ever-ready for violence status of the most bigoted americans and the republican’t party’s spokes-heads shamefully whuppin’ ‘em up for violent conflict.

In fact, isn’t manipulating the, always simmering, race-haters into violent confrontations, akin to shouting fire in a crowded theatre?  That’s a crime, isn’t it? 

Ultimately, these republican’ts (or is that replicants?), mean to use these ignorant race-haters until they need them not and, once their plans are in place, to use their private military, Blackwater (now Xe) and the religious zealots and white racists in our military and intelligence apparatus, (who are now practically scary separate branches!) to seize complete control of our country.  As their German role models did.  (Abu Ghraib was just practice!)  A race war would work so perfectly for them. 

Just one more page from their “national socialist”(NAZI) playbook.  Pay Attention.  They are following it to a T.  And, once again, the poor, the working class whites and the southern racists are just another, “pawn in their game”.

That’s the damn trick that never fails.  -rainjustice


A Lynching By Degrees.

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Since when is it not okay to be proud of our duly elected president?  How can we not feel grateful and hopeful that our president is a man who is bringing hope back,  not only to us,  but to the larger world?

Hope that our country is returning to its natural place in the moral leadership of the peaceful nations of man.

The fact that other nations recognize this transformative moment and americans don’t, is beyond sad, and highlights how truly misguided and uninformed americans have become.

* more to come.  -rainjustice

The morally bankrupt GOP, emulating sena…

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The morally bankrupt GOP, emulating senator mccain’s failed presidential campaign, has turned to race-baiting.
How low WILL the “Republican’t”  Party go?

“Republican’ts” in Congress:

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“Jim Crow called, he wants his ‘nigras’ back in their place!”

“Nazi” isn’t the “n-word” these screechers REALLY want to call Obama.

Get real.

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The Republican’t Party belongs to the multi-national corporations and big business interests.  Their lies, manipulations and hysterics show that the insurance and energy industries own them outright.

Consequently, the ’cant’s  have become the anti-worker party. (not to mention the anti-healthy americans party!)

Whipping up those with weak minds and hateful hearts is part of the old southern legacy of  hate, the so-called, “southern strategy.”

The Gop has aligned themselves with, and are manipulating the bias and fears of white Americans, especially elderly Americans.

They crane and crow about serving the American people, but they are just serving their interests and those of their wealthy masters.  They have no shame, no conscience, and they will not grow any.

MORE Wealth and MORE power are their only goals. (OK, and a little more sex!)

That’s what they truly “serve”  for,  themselves and their anti-worker, anti-consumer, insanely wealthy allies.

Republican’t Party:

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Republican’ts: Can’t provide moral, economic or socially responsible leadership.

Can’t put the needs of the american people above their own petty money and power-mongering.

*more later-rainj